About us

Since their formation in 2002, Greenriver Thrillers has been a driving force in the Seattle music scene, delivering raw, unapologetic noise rock. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, the band's three members, Gary Hughes, Alan Alfano, and Phil Smith, infuse their music with the spirit of their upbringing in the region.

Drawing from their extensive experience in various local bands, the trio's paths converged, giving rise to a tightly-knit sonic force that has evolved and matured over the years. Greenriver Thrillers' distinctive sound is a testament to their dedication and musical prowess, honed through years of relentless live performances and creative exploration.

Fusing elements of classic punk, metal, and daring experimental influences, the band's musical style defies easy categorization. With each electrifying performance, Greenriver Thrillers captivates audiences, unleashing a sonic maelstrom that leaves an indelible mark on the ever-evolving rock 'n roll landscape.